2. Gasoline Engine Oil
Technical Data Sheet

US Lube Dynamics Syn VW is a premium quality “Mid SAPS” passenger car lubricants that specifically formulated with
ultimate active clean technology. It is blended with high quality Polyalphaolefins (PAO) base fluid and the high
technology core additive package that meets the requirements of ACEA C3 and MB-Approval 229.51. It is suitable for
use in the widest range of modern Passenger Cars and small vehicles include Gasoline vehicles as well.
US Lube Dynamics Syn VW provides high temperature protection, exceeding the tough standards against thermal breakdown. It
can dramatically reduce the carbon deposit from building up on engine surfaces while protecting sensitive exhaust gas treatment
US Lube Dynamics Syn VW meets most of the top-tier West European Diesel engine OEM requirements as well, such as
Mercedes Benz, VW and BMW in support of increased oil change intervals and exhaust after treatment device protection and
reduce emission.